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About Us

Our Company Introduction

Short history and our goals.

At Hallins Verkstäder we have for almost 100 years worked on manufacturing and developing a wide range of products in aluminium, steel and stainless. Sheet metal processing has always been a common thread in the company's manufacturing and since 1950 century we have specialized in stainless steel production. Today we are a company operating in the art engineering industry with ca. 80 empolyees and a turnover of about 100 million kronor.
AB Hallins Verkstäder were founded by Fritz Hjalmar Hallin in Stockholm 1922. Three generations later, the company is still owned and run by the family Hallin, now with Tommy and Christer at the forefront. During the 1960's, the company moved to Ödeshög, where the majority remain until today. In addition to the operations in Odeshog, a subsidiary in the Czech Republic was built in 2017 and nowadays there are ca. 10 employees.
Our goal and vision is to be a leading supplier in all our business areas and to have top class quality on every product we do. We are professional and reliable and work long-term in all our customer relations.

Our business is divided into three business areas:

Catering services

We manufacture a wide range of products for professional kitchens, mainly our own trolleys, hot plates and food transport equipment from our brand Temptainer. We complement our own products with a range of products from strong brands such as professional microwave ovens from Samsung, all machines for a professional kitchen from Zanussi etc. Today we can deliver everything you need for a professional kitchen in one delivery.

Lifting trolleys

We manufacture a complete range of mobile and rechargeable lifting trolleys and lifting accessories with a lift capacity of 50 to 250 kg. These trolleys are sold under our two brands Newton and Reflex.


We work mainly with customers in the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and the food industry. One common denominator for these fields of industry is that there are customers with high standards of quality, skilled craftsmanship, high finish and production technology. The projects range from qualified stainless products to complex systems assignments with mechatronics. GMP (Good manufacturing Practice), ISO 9001 and ISO14001 are obvious and well implemented in daily operations.

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